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Updated On: February 04, 2024 | Published On: January 27, 2023

For January, we are looking at different ways you can "get fit with your pup", in our yearlong series of how to spend more time with your pooch.

We have already covered some pretty pawsome easy hikes around Ireland, as well as some healthy dog-friendly vegan restaurants to try in Dublin

Today, we will be looking at 2 different dog sports that you and your four-legged best friend can participate in together, canicross and dog agility courses.
Lace-up those trainers and take your dog for a run!

For those of you that are a bit fitter than the rest of us, and running with your pup is your passion, we would suggest looking into Canicross.

What is Canicross? 

Canicross is cross-country running with dogs. It originated as off-season training for the mushing community and has developed into its own sport, being extremely popular in Europe and the UK.

You can run with either one or two dogs but they must always be attached to the runner with a special harness.

For those of you who love taking your pup out on jogs, or trekking through the forest, this sport could be for you. Canicross Ireland is a national dog sport club that not only promotes the sport within Ireland but also holds a number of races throughout the season. 

They offer options for 5km and 3km trails for adults and shorter trails for their junior members.

They are very happy to welcome first-time members to get started with the sport, both competitively or just for fun!

If running up and down a mountain isn't for you, a great way to get fit, teach your pup some verbal cues and perform a few agility obstacles, agility training could be for you. 

What's agility training for dogs?

Dog agility is a sport that is made up of a series of obstacles. The courses will normally have between 14-20 obstacles, which will include contact obstacles (such as the A-frame, see-saw, and dog walk) and other agility equipment such as the weave poles, pause table, tunnels, and tire jumps.

How do I start agility training with my dog?

A great place to start is to find a training center in your area. There are many dog trainers in and around Ireland that offer not only an obstacle course but private and group classes.


Is agility training good for dogs?

Agility training is a fun activity and a great form of exercise for young dogs, high-energy dogs, and even timid dogs.

Not only do agility classes teach your pup basic commands, but it is also a great exercise for you too. Through positive reinforcement, your pooch will not only pick up basic skills, but they will also be able to burn off excess energy.

Agility training is one of the best ways to keep your dog fit and prevent obesity, increase endurance, and strengthen joints and bones.

Can dogs start agility at any age?

These new experiences are great for dogs of all ages. It is a fun way to learn basic obedience skills, for you, the pet parent to learn positive reinforcement techniques, and for you both to have a great time with an athletic challenge.

Even if your dog is older and not quite fit, some dog agility training is still possible. Make sure you consult with your vet first and even book private lessons to see if training classes are the right fit. Make sure you let your pup go at their own pace, as it is easy

Where do you practice agility work? 

You and your pup can practice in different locations. For beginners, you can make a fun game at home for your pup to learn new skills such as having them weave through your legs, back up, or touch their nose to your hand.

For a more advanced course, it is best to take your pup to an indoor facility or outdoor field.

Laura Jennings Dog Training is a dog trainer that not only is an agility and Canine Conditioning coach but is also part of the Republic of Ireland International Team. Laura has an outdoor training field for hard work, intermediate agility, advanced obedience classes, and a good time for all!  
agility courses_for_dogs_ireland.jpg
In this week's blog, we mentioned WaggyMamas Agility and Laura Jennings Dog Training They both offer great classes tailored to suit any pup's experience and health levels.

If you would like to find out more about them and what they could offer you and your pup, be sure to check out their Paws Friendly Business Pages with links to their contact details.

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