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Updated On: February 04, 2024 | Published On: August 20, 2021

Stacey is a Dublin-based coffee shop aficionado, who has been sharing the best cafés on her Instagram account, @splitbeanss.  She has a passion for good coffee made sustainable and served locally.  Her keen eye for photography and in-depth reviews make her Instagram account a pleasure to follow. 

On behalf of Paws Friendly, Stacey has teamed up with her adorable Pomeranian, Perry, to sniff out the best dog-friendly coffee shops around the city. With her expertise and eye for detail, she has created a list of her top 5 cafés not to be missed. Find out why she choose them and what you shouldn’t miss on the menu while you are there. 

One Kinda Folk, Ranelagh, Dublin

Why is One Kinda Folk in your top 5? 

One Kinda Folk is all things nature, quaint and authentic. It is for the plant-lover, the dog-lover, the coffee-lover, and the yoga-doer! The aesthetic vibe along with the delicious coffee and treats (for Perry and I!) is what makes me return time after time. 

What is the mood of the café? 

One Kinda Folk is for the hippy within! Located next to a yoga studio, take your dog and stroll to the hole in the wall, roll out your mat and take it all in in the garden with a cup of your fave coffee! They also do matcha and lots of other alternative drinks if the caffeine ain’t your thing! I love sitting amongst the plants in the courtyard with a book in hand. There is also now additional seating outside the wall for social distancing. 

What is your regular order? 

My regular order is a flat white and of course, the delicious chocolate chip cookies supplied by Rua foods! Perry loves the treats here, he always manages to meet a couple of other pups and they enjoy their treats together! 

How would you rate them on their Paws Friendliness?
5 stars for One Kinda Folk! Not only do they always give lovely treats and have multiple bowls for water, the lovely coffee humans always make sure to make friends with every dog too! 

The Fat Fox, Greystones

Why is The Fat Fox in your top five? 

The Fat Fox has always been one of my favourite coffee spots. They’ve grown so much as a brand and since their opening in Delgany and then Greystones after Camden Row, they’ve become their own space of fun and pawsitivity! 

Their shop in Greystones is our favourite one to visit as it is our first refueling stop after the lovely Bray to Greystones walk. It is often our treat spot post groom too! 

What is the mood of the café? 

The Fat Fox is bright and fun! It’s very community-based and everyone there loves a chat! The staff is very friendly and Claire and Rob always have so much time to invest in their customers. They always have a new project for us to try too! 

What is your regular order? 

I love the filter coffee from here though they recently released their own roasted coffee, Never a Days Work, which I have yet to try! But if you’re going here you MUST try the baked goods made on-site by @thefoxandtheflour. I absolutely adore the white chocolate sprinkle cookie sandwich! 

Not to mention their lunch spot at the back of their café Paco’s Tacos- so much to love here! 

How would you rate them on their Paws Friendliness?

I would think a solid 4 stars. They love having pooches in and dote over them but would love to see some Fat Fox Merch so Perry and I can match! 

Anything else? 

The Fat Fox is a brand I love to support from coffee to food to hats and reusable cups! They do a lot for the community and I love to give back! 

Fred and Nancies, Killiney

Why are Fed and Nancies in your top five? 

Fred and Nancies opened during lockdown and made our beach walks a lot more interesting! We were living at home with my parents and they were in my 5km. We did that walk every day, up and down the beach with no refueling. Fred and Nancies now supplies our coffee, water, and treats for our local beach walk! 

What is the mood of the café? 

Think your favourite homemade food, but on a beach! Their food, friendliness, and location allows you to relax, watch the sunrise and get your steps in all in one! Perfect for meeting friends for a swim and warm up with a cuppa afterwards! However, Perry doesn’t swim, and actually, I don’t much either! 

What is your regular order? 

Usually, I order a strong Americano here, and a side of treats for Perry of course! He likes to sit on the stones and eat them. I would strongly recommend the Rueben sandwich and choices of gelato too! Makes that summer feeling all the more real! 

How would you rate them on their Paws Friendliness?

5 points for Fred and Nancies! You know these owners have pups at home, treats are always flying out, plenty of bins as well, to save you from carrying that dog bag along the beach!

Anything Else?  

Fred and Nancies have brought such a buzz to Killiney beach, before this there was nothing. I hope they continue through the winter months! 
Why is Catalyst Coffee in your top 5?

Catalyst is a sustainable coffee shop set up by a few local young lads with an eco-friendly agenda! It serves excellent coffee and sells environmentally friendly alternative toiletries. They always pay lots of attention to their furry customers too! 

What is the mood of the café? 
Catalyst is a lofi, coffee house with good vibes, real plants, and sea on its doorstep. Great for meeting with friends and a walk along the seafront! 

What is your regular order? 
Catalyst is constantly updating its menu but my go-to order is either a flat white or an americano. They have plenty of noncaffeinated alternatives too. Like the refreshing watermelon fizz! Their breakfast and toast options are also very tasty! 

How would you rate them on their Paws Friendliness?

5 stars, they have plenty of seats and water and plenty of opportunities to socialise with other dogs too! 

Green Goat Coffee at Diarmuid Gavins Outdoor Spaces, Monkstown 

Why is Green Goat Coffee in your top 5? 

This coffee spot has everything for me! A plant store I can take Perry to, where we hang out outdoors, drink coffee, borrow books and listen to vinyl? Yes, please! 

What is the mood of the café? 
If you’ve got green fingers, like coffee, like a free library, like good music on old vinyl and enjoy it all with your fluffy companion then this is a must for you! I could spend all day here, before or after a walk along the coast and a cuppa in the serene garden of Monkstown village. I couldn’t rate this space more! 

What is your regular order? 

An americano with a side of peace! I love being amongst the jungle and having Perry at my feet with a cuppa in my hand! 

How would you rate their Paw Friendliness?

5 stars! They love having Perry in to dote over! Treats and fresh water on demand, he is in his element! A great place to walk too. 

Anything Else?  
This coffee shop is a hidden oasis. They have a free library, ALL the plants, and good coffee! Lots of outdoor dining and it is in collaboration with Dunnes Stores so you can clock up those club card points too. I love it here, especially the friendly and very helpful staff! 

🐶 ☕️ 🐾 

I would like to thank both Stacey and Perry for the excellent work they did, hitting the pavement and sniffing out some truly remarkable dog-friendly cafés around the Dublin area. Stacey has some great recommendations, and each of her suggestions sounds absolutely PAWsome. Be sure to follow Stacey and Perry on Instagram @splitbeanss, to stay pup-to-date with their latest finds and discoveries. 🐶 ☕️

If you have your top 5 dog-friendly coffee shops in your area and would like to be featured on our blog, please send us an email to or a message at @pawsfriendly. We are always here to help spread the dog-friendly word!

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