What is a puppuccino?

Updated On: February 04, 2024 | Published On: January 12, 2021

What is a puppuccino?

What on Earth is a Puppychino?…Pupiccino? …Puppuccino?… However you decide to spell it, if you have been scrolling through pictures of dogs in the last few months like we have, you may well have noticed the puppuccino, a phenomenon making its way to Ireland from across the pond. So what is it? Well, it was dreamt up by Starbucks and started life on their infamous Secret Menu. A small cup of whipped cream perfectly sized for your pup’s nose to fit in… or to get stuck in! With no coffee or caffeine involved, it is a great way for paw-rents to share the sacred ritual of going out for our beloved coffee from the best dog-friendly cafes.

How to order a puppuccino? 

If, like us at Paws Friendly, you see nothing wrong with asking your dog what they would like to do today, why not check out our website and find a nearby dog-friendly cafe serving puppuccinos? Don’t worry about sounding silly, the cafes which do offer puppuccinos are run by equally dog-crazy people, and we thank them for it!

Most places won’t charge you for adding a puppuccino when you are placing an order, however leaving a little tip for their kindness will surely spread good dog karma. 
Are puppuccinos safe? 

Like cheese, Puppuccinos are generally considered safe for dogs, however, they do contain dairy so if your pup is lactose intolerant or has a sensitive stomach, it is best to err on the side of caution until you have consulted with your veterinarian. 

Where to find cafes that make puppuccinos in Ireland?

With www.pawsfriendly.com finding puppucinos in Ireland is easy! Go to our homepage and type in your location to see all of the dog-friendly cafes near you. We have included a little takeaway coffee cup icon to indicate the locations which serve puppuccinos to their furry customers. 

Below is a list to name but a few of the puppuccinno-serving cafes in Ireland;

County Dublin 

County Kerry 

County Kildare 

County Wicklow

To find out more, be sure to check the search page. If your favorite dog-friendly cafe is not listed on our directory, please add them to it! It will help them out and will help other paw-rents find places to go in their local area and while traveling! (Do you remember what traveling was like…)
If we have missed any dog-friendly cafes serving puppuccinos, you can add them to our site by clicking "Add A Place" button and select the amenity "puppuccino". 

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