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  • February 14, 2014
  • Chihuahua

Hello, I'm Monkey!

Joined in 2020

Hello, my name is Monkey. I was born on Valentine’s Day 2014 in Australia. My mother was pregnant with me at the time she was stolen. I was then born into a dog fighting arena. I was used as live bait for the first two years of my life. I didn’t see the light of day until I was rescued so forgive me if I squint to see you. The arena was shut down and I was the only survivor. At the time I was found, I was still chained to my sister who had passed away a week before. I lost my leg but not my spirit. I am grateful to my vet as both of my front legs were severely injured and she managed to save one. Gemma was contacted as she was known by the RSPCA for having adopted a severely abused chihuahua in the past, my now brother, Mango. Gemma nursed me back to a vibrant self that I never knew I had. I am now happily living in Ireland with my forever family.

I love...

Warm cuddles
Playing chase
My brother Mango and sister Ruby

I hate...

Loud noises
Hard indoor floors
Being woken up

Recent Reviews

Nov 2021
The Twelve Hotel Galway

Absolutely amazing stay at The Twelve hotel in Galway. Monkey was treated like a king. This hotel goes above and beyond to make not only your stay enjoyable and memorable but your fur baby’s stay as well. Pet beds, bowls, toys, treats, pet exclusive menu, you name it, they have it. Highly recommend! Your lovely pooch isn’t just allowed in the hotel and room but in the restaurant for all your meals too. Talk about inclusive. Definitely 5 paws and Monkey Approved 🐾 shout out to the incredible staff- Barry, Alan, Pricilla, Rudy, Dylan, Joset , Lorena

Feb 2021

Perk Up Coffee along the Naas Canal is just a wonderful breath of fresh air. The service is second to none and they are very dog friendly. They even have a Doggy Dock for your dog to have a nibble and a drink of water. Great coffee, decadent loaded hot chocolates, sweet treats and Ireland’s best toasties. Monkey Approved.

Dec 2020
Urban Kitchen & Coffee

Cozy and warm atmosphere, very friendly staff. Monkey was welcomed with open arms and felt like an any other patron. Beautifully designed with delicious food. Paws friendly and Monkey Approved.

Dec 2020
Naaspresso Coffee

Amazing local cafe with delicious treats and coffee. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday they even make the yummiest fresh crepes. Lovely ladies that run it and amazing service. Super dog friendly, has Monkey’s favourite dog treats.